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American University Washington College of Law organized a meeting of the Global Network in Washington D.C., on September 12 to 15, 2012. Pranesh Prakash was one of the 25 participants.


September 12


Recent Developments in Fair Dealing In Canada Room 603 | (Webcast) Peter Jaszi, Ariel Katz, Howard Knopf, Martin Senftleben, Michael Carroll

September 13

5:00-6:00 PIJIP Welcoming Reception, Room 600. The reception will be a joint welcome for the L&E Network and a concluding reception for an Orphan Works meeting with librarians hosted by Pam Samuelson and the Berkeley clinic.
5:30-9:00 Public Knowledge hosts the 9th Annual IP3 Awards. Ronald Reagan Building, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

September 14

9:00 Welcome Introduction
9:30 Discussion of the model open text
12:30 Lunch
1:15 Review of draft 3-Step paper (to be circulated)
2:15 Roundtable on current developments in local contexts
3:30 Review of the current state of the TPP negotiations and U.S. proposed text on Limitations and Exceptions
5:00 Transport to Leesburg – site of TPP meeting
7:00 Dinner reception with TPP IP negotiators

September 15

9:30 Discussion of the model arguments and counterarguments document
11:30 Discussion of a possible report of findings to accompany the models
12:30 Lunch
1:15 Roundtable on the way forward
  • What work should we prioritize between this meeting and the December Global Congress?
  • What research is the group currently engaged in that may bear on limitations and exceptions?
  • How could this group define future uses of the network after the Global Congress? One example might be a book or other collection of case studies reporting on how laws actually work in given countries.
3:15 Roundtable on local forums continued: where are L&E interventions needed most?
4:00 End of meeting

The following individuals participated:

  • Martin Senftleben
  • Pedro Paranagua
  • Pedro Mizukami
  • Dick Kawooya
  • Hong Xue
  • Jennifer Urban
  • Pam Samuelson
  • Ahmed Abdel Latif
  • Peter Yu
  • Andrew Rens
  • Carlos Affonso Pereira de Souza
  • Oliver Metzger
  • Gwen Hinze
  • Peter Jaszi
  • Michael Carroll
  • Sean Flynn
  • Meredith Jacob
  • Matt Sag
  • Jonathan Band
  • Ariel Katz
  • Howard Knopf
  • Alberto Cerda Silva
  • Pranesh Prakash
  • Allan Rocha de Souza
  • Sylvie Nerisson
  • Lila Bailey

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