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The Institute of Global Internet Governance and Advocacy (GIGA) at NALSAR University will hold the first International Conference in association with Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEIT) of Government of India on the theme "Revisiting Internet Governance - Lessons Learnt and Road Ahead" at NALSAR University of Law, Justice City Campus, Shameerpet on April 5 & 6 of 2012.

Lex Witness, India's first magazine on legal and corporate affairs is the media partner for the conference, Sunil Abraham will be speaking in this conference,

The first International Conference on Internet Governance of GIGA aims to:

  1. To map the emergence of Internet Governance globally in the last two decades and to analyse its high points and low points in terms of its development, dynamism, diversity, divide and deficit.
  2. To map the multiple definitions of Internet Governance and its rapid evolutionary trajectory of consolidating convergence and confronting challenges of divergence.
  3. To critically evaluate the creative disruption of processes of accountability, empowerment and governance processes.
  4. To levitate the legislative landscape for connecting the real life citizens and virtual life netizens.
  5. To reshape the emergent issues of privacy vs. social responsibility, freedom of expression vs.social & cultural harmony, self conduct vs. legislative intervention, adolescence vs. adult behavior.
  6. To reconcile the sovereign principles with Universal principles.

 Conference Schedule

Day 1, April 5, 2012

S.No. Time Inaugural  
  9.00-10.15 Welcome Address by
Prof. V. C. Vivekanandan Director, GIGA
    Address by Prof. Faizan Mustafa
Vice Chancellor, NALSAR
    Address by Mr. N. Ravi Shanker Additional Secretary, DOT, Govt. of India
    Address by Dr. Ajay Kumar
Jt. Secretary DEIT, Govt. of India
    Key Note Address by Mr. J. Satyanarayana
Secretary, DEIT Govt. of India
(to be confirmed)
    Vote of Thanks by Prof. M. Sridhar
Faculty, GIGA
  10.15-10.45 Coffee Confluence
    Theme Chair / Speaker
1.   Internet-Comparative Perspective

Opening Remarks from the Chair
Mr. Ajit Balakrishnan
Chairman-Board of Governors, IIM Calcutta & CEO-Rediff.com
    A. Internet as key to development-an African perspective
Mr. Jean Jacques SUBRENAT
    B. Adding a Billion-Challenges in Asia Pacific world Dr. Katim Seringe Touray
Former Board Member, ICANN
    C. Indian policy response to Internet Governance Prof. Hong Xue
Director- IIPL- Beijing
    Netizen speak Dr. Govind
Sr.Director, DEIT, CEO-NIXI
    Closing remarks of the Chair  
    Theme Chair / Speaker
2.   Internet Governance & Technology

Opening Remarks from the Chair
Mr. Sanjay Jaju
Secretary (IT) AP Govt.
(to be confirmed)
    Key Note Address
gTLDs- Managing the genie out of the bottle-Techno-Legal issues
Mr. N. Ravi Shanker Additional Secretary, DOT
    A. The business of gTLDS-Roses & Thorns Prof.V.C.Vivekanandan
Director, GIGA
    B. IDN Challenges – Unity in Diversity- Indian Response Mr. Akshat Joshi
    Closing remarks of the Chair  
    Theme Chair / Speaker
3.   Internet Governance & Society

Opening Remarks from the Chair
Prof. Ranbir Singh
Vice Chancellor, NLU, Delhi
    Key Note Address
Balancing the Privacy-Transparency Conundrum in Internet Governance
Mr. Carlton A. Samuels
    A. Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva- Trinity as the State Mr.U.Ramamohan
SP, Cyber Crimes, A.P.
    B. Digital Natives Vs. Digital Naivety Mr. Sunil Abraham
Executive Director, CIS
    C. A development agenda for global Internet governance Mr. Parminder Jeet Singh
Executive Director,
IT for Change
    Netizen Speak  
    Closing remarks of the Chair  
    Coffee Confluence
Chair / Panelist
4.   Panel Panorama - Internet Governance - Crossroads or crossing the Road

Opening Remarks from the Chair
    Panelists - 15 minutes each
Prof. Amita Dhanda
Professor of Law, NALSAR

Dr. Anindya Sircar
AVP & Head IP , Infosys

Prof. Srividhya Ragavan
Professor of Law, University of Oklahoma College of Law

Prof. S. Matilal
RGSOIPL-IIT, Kharagpur
    Netizen Speak
    Closing Remarks of the Chair

Day 2, April 6, 2012

1. 9.00-9.05 Internet Governance & Law
Opening Remarks from the Chair
Prof. R. Venkata Rao
Vice Chancellor
NLSIU, Bangalore
  9.05-9.25 Key Note Address
Whose Privacy is it Anyway?
Prof. Graham Greenleaf
Co-Director, Aust LII
  9.25-9.40 A. Netizen vs. Citizen-the Sumo Game Prof.Izumi AIZU
TAMA University,Japan
  9.40-9.55 B. Number or Name- Shift in Domain Names Dr. V. K. Unni
Associate Prof., IIM,Calcutta
  9.55-10.10 C. Dial M for Internet Governance Mr. Pavan Duggal
Advocate, Supreme Court of India
  10.10-10.25 D. Chartering rights in Unchartered waters Mr.Na.Vijaya Shankar
Cyber Law Consultant
  10.25-10.35 Netizen Speak  
  10.35-10.45 Closing Remarks of the Chair  
  10.45-11.15 Coffee Confluence
    Theme Chair / Speaker
11.15-11.20 Internet Governance & Media

Opening Remarks from the Chair
Prof.V.Vijaya Kumar
Vice Chancellor, TNDALU-Chennai
  11.20-11.40 Keynote Address

Social Media- a New Wine in a New Bottle
Prof. Ang Peng Hwa
NTU, Singapore
  11.40-11.55 A. The Republic of Facebook –The Bill of Frights Prof.V.C.Vivekanandan
Director, GIGA
  11.55-12.10 B. Objecting the Objectionable-the chronicles of criminology Dr.K.V.K.Santhy
Co-investigator, GIGA
  12.10-12.25 C. Street Talk vs. Social Talk-Loud Decibels Prof. M. Sridhar
Co-investigator, GIGA
  12.25-12.35 Netizen Speak  
  12.35-12.45 Closing remarks from the Chair  
  12.45 -2.00 Lunch  
3. 2.00-2.05 Wrap Up – Internet dreams & delusions – Setting the agenda for the new decade

Opening remarks from the Chair
Prof. S. Sivakumar
Director In-charge,
Indian Law Institute
  2.05 – 3.20 Panelists -15 minutes each
Registrar of Copyrights
Copyright office

Ms. Ankhi Das
Head of Public Policy, Facebook India

Ms. Tulika Pandey
Addl.Director- DEIT

Advocate- Bangalore

Mr. Raman Jit Singh Chima
Policy Analyst , Google India Pvt Ltd
  3.20 –3.30 Netizen Speak  
  3.30 – 3.40 Closing remarks of the Chair  
  3.40 – 4.00 Summing Up - The Hyderabad Declaration
Director, GIGA
  4.00 Coffee Musings & Farewell