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During a recent cyber security event, Gulshan Rai, DG, Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In)—the man charged with protecting India’s cyberspace—allegedly made startling claims about two organisations that have relentlessly spoken up against draconian new additions to the country’s infotech laws that could limit free speech, laws that Rai’s organisation, CERT-In, is seen to support.

According to a journalist from the Times Group, Rai reportedly said, "Google India has paid off all you media people," and then said that Medianama and The Centre for Internet and Society were a front for Google. Both organisations denied this, and when Rai was contacted, he said, "I have never met anybody." The reporter then tweeted: 'unfortunately I don’t have an audio transcript, but he said that after I introduced myself'.

This article by Rahul Bhatia was published in the Open Magazine (issue: 7-14 December 2011). CIS is mentioned in this article. Read the original here

Who funds CIS

We from CIS had published a blog post titled "Sources of CIS Funding" which gives a list of our donors and grants they've provided for our projects.