Centre for Internet & Society

The Centre for Internet and Society is hiring for the full-time position of a content developer/trainer to work on an upcoming project Building Knowledge and Capacity around Telecommunication Policies in India.

The objective is to create an on line repository of telecommunication-related information and learning materials targeted at a multi stakeholder audience; organise interactive public lectures and workshops around the country to disseminate awareness on telecom issues; as well as use traditional and new forms of media to impart information to academia, civil society, policy makers and the general public.

Candidates do not need to have a technical background or be experts in the field of telecommunication; however, some experience/interest in telecom related issues is needed.

Other requirements are:

  • Excellent analytical and writing skills
  • Visualization skills
  • Good communication, presentation and training skills
  • Basic computer skills

To apply, please send your CV and three examples of writing to [email protected]

CIS is committed to equitable employment and is encouraging female job candidates. Please refer to the above e-mail address for further inquiries.

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