Centre for Internet & Society

Are you a musician based in India? Do you compose, write lyrics, perform, record, or teach music as one of your main income sources? If so, the Center for Internet and Society is interested in hearing from you!

We are conducting research on the changes within the Indian music industry, with a particular focus on the impact of new technologies.

At this time, we are interested in the voices of India-based musicians. Specifically, we are interested in understanding how you earn money as a musician. We are also interested in how your involvement with copyright societies, digital media platforms, and other organizations affects your livelihood.

We hope to gather this data via a survey, which we hope to close on August 25th. It will take about 15 minutes.

As a token of appreciation, you will be entered for a chance to win cash prizes or tickets to attend India-based music festivals and conferences.

If interested, please access the survey link here: https://goo.gl/forms/Jsvv3777dAbR99YD3

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