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CIS is inviting applications for the role of Manager - Finance and Operations. The position will ideally be based out of Bengaluru, but since we operate using a flexible work from home system, we encourage all potential candidates to apply.


Job Description

CIS is inviting applications for the role of Manager - Finance and Operations. The position would ideally be based out of Bengaluru, could be flexible depending on the unfolding of events in relation to COVID-19, so we encourage all potential candidates to apply. 

Please read on to learn about the qualifying requirements, functions, remuneration, and other details. The Manager - Finance and Operations will be expected to work as a part of the management team at CIS and lead all work on accounting, statutory compliance, payments, audits, grant reporting, running of offices and related HR tasks.

Qualifying requirements

  • Degree in accounting, finance or relevant degree

  • Prior work experience with income tax, finance operations, interfacing with relevant government functionaries, HR functions. 

Apart from the qualifying requirements mentioned above, candidates who demonstrate the qualities below will be given preference:

  • Ability to learn and keep track of the regulatory landscape applicable to Indian NGOs and apply it to CIS’ operations; 

  • Candidates with prior work experience in Indian NGOs and/or possessing strong knowledge and experience in applying Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (FCRA) are encouraged to apply. 

  • Strong leadership ability, interpersonal skills and ability to coordinate among multiple team members, external auditors, and the management team;

  • Be proactive in identifying, troubleshooting, and resolving day-to-day issues; 

  • Ability to develop standard operating procedures (as required) and troubleshooting; 

  • Advanced skills in using accounting and database software;

Key functions

1. Finance functions

  • Manage CIS's Finance team which includes supervision, guidance, communication through regular team meetings and troubleshooting; The manager should clearly delegate tasks to all Finance and Admin team members and where needed, help staff members achieve these goals. In case of any difficulty, the manager is expected to provide guidance to the staff member and identify gaps, including areas where training may be required for finance team members;
  • Report to the Executive Director, and provide updates on the functioning of the Finance team, including any external or internal challenges;
  • Act as a senior liaison between staff programme managers and the Finance team;
  • Track and fulfil all kinds of regulatory compliances required by CIS (this includes interfacing with the Income Tax department, Ministry of Home Affairs - FCRA department, and financial auditors);
  • In the bank portal, verify uploaded payments with approvals and supporting documents;
  • Supervise and track project expenditures, and prepare MIS;
  • Manage internal project/organisational budgets;
  • Supervise preparation and submission of annual financial statements, both statutory and project-specific;
  • Manage invoices and MoU’s;
  • Manage processing of tax payments and returns;
  • Manage reconciling of bank statements;
  • Manage documentation of organisations assets
  • Periodically report to the CIS board on financial and operational matters
  • Reach out for external legal or tax advice whenever needed or advise the ED when the same may be required.
  • Serve as the first point of contact with the auditors to manage CIS audit.
  • Remain easily accessible and available to the Finance & Admin team for day to day operations.
  • Manage the opening, modification, and alteration of signatories in organisational bank accounts (both Local and FCRA dedicated accounts)
  • Implement net banking in Local and FCRA accounts.

2. Administrative functions

  • Assist the ED in discharging all operational matters
  • Manage all administrative and finance responsibilities.
  • Manage all HR operations
  • Ensure the effective conduct of appraisals for all finance team members
  • Proactively support the finance and admin team, especially in case of emergencies
  • Serve as the Manager of CIS in Bangalore (if based in Bangalore)
  • Remain easily accessible and available to the Finance & Admin team for day to day operations.
  • Manage filing of documents to the Registrar of Societies-     
    • Provide support on getting the signed financials by the Board
    • Finalise the minutes of the AGM and signed by the President of the Board
  • Manage the opening, modification/alteration of signatories in bank accounts (both local and FCRA)
  • Implement net banking in Local and FCRA accounts.
  • Provide any other support needed by the Admin team.

Remuneration and benefits

Salary offered will be commensurate with quality of work experience, demonstrable skills, and relevant degrees. 

CIS is an equal opportunity employer, and we offer benefits to our staff such as medical insurance coverage. Please see our workplace policies here.  

 If you wish to know more, please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected] regarding any questions about the position or the organisation. 


Procedure of applying

Please email your CV with qualifications, skills, and experience to [email protected], and [email protected]. Deadline is extended to 10 January 2022.

After reviewing the CV, we will get in touch with you for further interviews if we find you a good fit. We may additionally request reference from a previous employer. Please note that the probation period for the position will be two months. 

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