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We are pleased to invite applications for a senior researcher, to support our Freedom of Expression research team.


As the technology policy and digital rights landscape evolves in India and the world, we are looking for an experienced individual to join our research team to help grow and supervise the Freedom of Expression vertical including research on media freedom, intermediary liability,  content regulation and internet censorship. This role would also involve supporting several researchers in their growth as well as overseeing the planning and delivery of research across the organisation. We welcome applications from individuals with various backgrounds and expertise. 

You can be located anywhere, but we will require you to be eligible for work in India, and have a bank account in India. While we have an office in Bengaluru and several colleagues based in the National Capital Region (NCR), we expect work-from-home protocols to be in place for the foreseeable future. 

Qualifying requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in any discipline related to our areas of work 

  • 4 or more years of work experience in academia, research or policy-making

  • Prior of experience of work in freedom of expression and content regulation

  • Project Management experience in the research domain for a minimum of two years. 

Apart from the qualifying requirements mentioned above, candidates who demonstrate the qualities below will be given preference:

  • Advanced degree preferred

  • Demonstrable knowledge and experience in the technology policy landscape in India and South Asia

  • Strong research and writing skills demonstrated by a diverse publication record 

  • Experience of designing and conducting interdisciplinary research using various methodologies

  • Experience of work on internet censorship, media regulation (even aside from internet intermediaries), platform transparency and accountability

  • Prior experience in fundraising research grants and building relationships with donors

Detailed Job Description

High level responsibilities

  1. To determine research agenda, strategies and directions for the Freedom of Expression vertical;

  2. To ensure delivery of all project deliverables promised to donors;

  3. To ensure quality of outputs in the vertical;

  4. To take the leading role in hiring of staff members, and consultants for delivery of outputs in the vertical;

  5. To interface with donors.

Core Responsibilities

The core responsibilities of the Senior Researcher would be research and outreach oriented, including

Research Process

  1. To set internal research targets for team members, based on project mandates and intended theory of change;

  2. To set up appropriate and ethical internal processes and best practices in the team;

  3. To set up appropriate research review mechanisms in the projects that ensure high quality research;

  4. To work closely with the Communications Team, and assist with strategies for appropriate form and dissemination of research

  5. To author high quality research outputs.

Project Management

  1. To help the ED and ensure compliance with clear project management protocols at CIS;

  2. Closely manage and suprvise researchers and consultants working in the vertical, while ensuring capacity-building and career development for all supervisees; 

  3. To help set up processes of project level articulation of theory of change that can determine and inform strategies within the project, cross-project collaborations and cross-organisation opportunities.

In addition, the senior researcher will be responsible for institution building and outreach:

Institution Building

  1. To lead and participate actively in institution building discussions;

  2. To work closely with Senior Staff  to arrive at research plans, development plans, outreach activities etc.

  3. To help evolve a culture of accountability, respect and equity in the organisation.

  4. To take leading role and assist the ED in addressing and resolving institutional crises, as they arise;

  5. Other similar tasks as assigned by the ED.


  1. To work with Senior Staff and staff members on annual fundraising strategies, plans and execution.

  2. To work with programmatic leads to identify synergetic opportunities with other organizations, which complement CIS’ research skills towards joint pitches for fundraising.

  3. To fully capitalize on existing opportunities and try to identify new ones for core institutional grants, above and beyond programmatic funding.

  4. To lead proposal writing, interfacing with donors and raising funds

Benefits and compensation

  • The remuneration shall commensurate with experience and qualifications of the candidate;

  • CIS is an equal opportunity employer, and we offer benefits to our staff such as hospitalization insurance, mental health support and home office equipment allowances. A repository of CIS’s workplace policies is here.

  • A liberal holidays and leave policy.

Application Requirements

Please send the following documents to [email protected] and [email protected]

  1. A cover letter outlining how you fit the job requirements and your areas of expertise ( 400-500 words)

  2. A curriculum vitae of no more than 3 pages.

  3. Two writing samples (at least one long form output or academic article of more than 3,000 words)

  4. Names and contact details of at least two references who we can contact

  5. There will be a probation period of 3 months. 


The last date of receiving applications is now extended to 21 December, 2021 (11:59pm IST). 

About CIS

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