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Report on Training in the Use of eSpeak Gujarati with NVDA

Participants of the workshop seated at the event

The training was imparted at Blind Peoples Association, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad on November 17 and 18, 2014. Thirteen delegates underwent the training. R.P.Soni was the local coordinator.

The participants were teachers for the blind, teaching various subjects like Computers, History, Languages, etc., representing 5 organizations.

Training Objectives

  1. To identify at least two individuals who are conversant with typing in the local language and are also screen reader users; for conducting this training under supervision and then conduct similar trainings across the State of Gujarat.
  2. To train the teachers of the blind in the use of reading and writing in the local language, with the help of eSpeak and NVDA.
  3. To create awareness about the aids and appliances available for Persons with Blindness.
  4. To share information about different resources for gaining knowledge.

Need for Training

The participants expressed the following reasons for attending the training:

  1. Wanting to compose their own question papers for the subjects that they taught.
  2. To read the newspapers in the local language for updating themselves in about current affairs.
  3. To be able to write letters and communicate with the State machinery in the local language.
  4. To scan and read material in local language.

Training Sessions

The following sessions were conducted during the 2 days of training:

  1. Introduction of Participants.
  2. Introduction of CIS and DFI.
  3. Introduction to NVDA and Espeak.
  4. Advantages of NVDA.
  5. The Regional Language development programme in local language’s supported by CIS.
  6. Gujarati Commprehension using Espeak
  7. Interaction over phone with Mr. Praful Vyas [Tester for Gujarati Espeak]
  8. How to configure NVDA, Language options in Windows, Selection of Keyboards etc.
  9. Typping using Phonetic keyboard.
  10. Typing using Traditional Keyboard.
  11. Hands on demonstration of Aids and Appliances such as Smart Cane, Plextalk Vachak, HV Pro, Sonic Labeller, Liquid Level Indicator, Nexus 7 Tablet, Android phone, etc.
  12. Information about the ADIP scheme and how to obtain the above mentioned devices.
  13. Information about Bookshare and other sources of resource materials.

Future Trainers

The 2 individuals who were identified during the training as future trainers were:

  1. Gignesh Pokar.
  2. Mahendra Chudasma.

The following feedback was received from the participants on completion of the 2 day training:

  1. Training was found to be very helpful.
  2. The training met their expectations.
  3. They were satisfied with the training content and style.
  4. The inclusion of hands on demonstration of Aids and Appliances was appreciated.
  5. They did not have complete information about the ADIP scheme and the participants found it to be useful.
  6. The duration of the training was found to be adequate.
  7. Only 2 of the participants were Bookshare members. The rest have shown a desire to join and 4 have already submitted their applications.






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