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This programme was aimed at high school students who were completely new to computers. The aim of the workshop was to empower the students to at least read and write using eSpeak Gujarati with NVDA within the 15 day duration.

Venue: Shree Navchetan Andhajan Mandal Madhapar - Kachchh.
Dates: April 2 to April 16, 2015
Trainer: Mahendra Chudasma.
Language: Gujarati
Number of Participants: 15

Most of the participants achieved the target and were also able to manage simple tasks like opening and saving documents in Word and also had the opportunity of gaining knowledge of the use of Android phones. Our thanks to Mahendra for ensuring that the participants came out with flying colours at the end of the workshop.

Gujarati training

Training Schedule

April 2

  • Introduction
  • Information about Computer and its Parts
  • Keyboard orientation. Function keys, alphabets keys and number keys and number pad
  • About desktop, start menu, notification and taskbar
  • 2: how to press 2 keys windows plus M. and alt plus F4

April 3

  • How to start Microsoft Office and Word
  • How to type words and how to read it. And modify delete and add alphabets and word
  • Modify spellings

April 4

  • Practice on topics covered in the first two days
  • How to start narrator without screen reader and how to install screen reader
  • How to read NVDA's commands by its help

April 5

  • How to formatting file by title, bold, increase and decrees fonts, make underline and justified and save it
  • How to make folder on desktop and how to search and copy file in the documents and paste in folder

April 8

  • Information about notification
  • How to set clock by notification and control panel
  • Difference between file and folder
  • How to play song with media player, VLC and Winamp
  • How to search in file and folders in your computer
  • Run Windows

April 9

  • Internet's information
  • Internet short commands
  • Read news in English, Gujarati, and Hindi newspaper through online

April 10

  • How to short navigate in internet by h for heading, t for table, l for list and insert f7 for links
  • About check box, combo box, radio button and button
  • How to create mail, and read it and compose mail and send it. With bcc and cc

April 11

  • About job related sites and banks sites
  • Searching through Google

April 12

  • How to download
  • Some general questions on computer practice

April 13

  • Practice for last days and some questions answers
  • Information about some messengers Facebook and Skype with its demonstration
  • How to create account and how to use these

April 14

  • Practice of old topics
  • Information about scanner with its demonstration
  • And demonstration with EnAble India EYE Tool and EnAble India Spelling Tool

April 15

  • Revision for complete course of NVDA of 15 days

April 16

  • Information about Android on students demand

List of Students for Gujarati Training

  1. Garva Ajay Valjibhai
  2. Chauhan Jayendrasinh Popatsinh
  3. Meriya Pravin Karamshibhai
  4. Gadhvi Hari Karsanbhai
  5. Jat Razak Haronbhai
  6. Koli Mavji Ramjibhai
  7. Ganava Mital Panglabhai
  8. Chawda Bharti Popatbhai
  9. Maheswari Sunita Sumarbhai
  10. Goyal Dipin Ravjibhai
  11. Jeda Hisan Samirbhai
  12. Patel Ritesh Bipinbhai
  13. Raval Bhumi Nitinbhai
  14. Mokariya Shardaben Girishbhai
  15. Jain Alpaben Manojbhai
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