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The Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) is doing a project on developing a text-to-speech software in 15 Indian languages. This blog post captures the key updates of the work done by CIS team for Manipuri language.

Manipuri was added to e-Speak under this project. The language was refined to complete the basic support with the help of the language tester from Imphal, Manipur. Our team had visited Imphal, Manipur to work with the language tester on December 22, 2014. The following changes were made in Manipuri language:

  • Entire number dictionary was introduced and modified.
  • Specific pronunciation for 100 to 900 was added.
  • All alphabets were modified as per acceptable pronunciation.
  • Pronunciation of consonants was corrected.
  • Rules for consonants at the beginning without diacritical mark were added and corrected.
  • One word as example (fOl – fruit) was added as exception for /fO/ at the beginning.
  • Modification of nasal, sound generated bu /uNgo was done.
  • Modification of pronunciation of words with birsorga was done.
  • Modification of pronunciation for words ending / using /khandat-ta done. Was made.
  • Pronunciation of joint alphabet like "khio", "ra" done. Was added.
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