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The Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) is doing a project on developing a text-to-speech software in 15 Indian languages. This blog post captures the key updates of the work done by CIS team for Assamese language.

Assamese was added to eSpeak by the Indian team. Rules for the language were introduced and after testing and review, modifications were carried out to ensure basic support. The present document lists issues which were addressed under this project.

  1. Pronunciation rule changes for - 40 - 49. 52 - 56 57 - 59  61 - 64 66 - 69 72 - 75 78 - 80 82 - 86 88 - 89 92 – 99 were corrected.
  2. Pronunciation rule for Hundreds _0C  rule were also added and improved.
  3. Conjunctives in asamese were added.
  4. Simple Assamese words following general rules of pronunciation were reviewed.
  5. Finalized pronunciation of joint words.
  6. Modification of rules for (sO) becoming (hO) when in the beginning of the word was done.
  7. Modification of rules for /Ja falaa was done.
  8. Revised the rules for /khio.
  9. Fixed the pronunciation of individual alphabets.
  10. Fixed the pronunciations of "ব" when a vowel is suffixed.
  11. Fixed the pronunciation of "ূ" suffixed to a consonant.
  12. Fixed the pronunciations of "ৱ" in words.
  13. Fixed the pronunciation of a few words with combination of three consonants.
  14. Fixed the pronunciation of "চ" and "ছ" in a word.
  15. Fixed the pronunciations of "ষ" in a word.
  16. Words end with "ত" has an additional sound of "ো" were removed.
  17. The pronunciations of "স", "শ" and "ষ" when it is contracted with  another consonant (juktakhor) in a word was made similar to Bengali pronunciation (utcharon).
  18. Pronunciations of "প্ৰ", "ক্ৰ", "শ্ৰ", "ত্ৰ", "গ্ৰ", etc in a word without any suffix of vowel was made clear.
  19. Pronunciation of words ending with "jophola (য)" were rectified.
  20. Pronunciations of Words with "jophola" in the middle were corrected.
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