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This research paper argues the need for amending Indian Copyright provisions for enabling the print impaired to gain access to published works. The paper was submitted to the Ministry of Human Resource and Development in November to appraise it of the needs of the print disabled community. It is up for public comments and we welcome your feedback for this ongoing campaign.

As part of the Right to Read campaign and demand for a copyright amendment for print disabled persons, CIS, the Alternative Law Forum (ALF) and Inclusive Planet have come out with a research paper which sets out the case for an amendment to the Copyright Act. The paper deals exhaustively with the issue of exceptions and limitations for the print impaired and outlines case laws, legal provisions  and international instruments which oblige India to make the necessary amendment. It also advises the government to support the Treaty for the Blind, Visually Impaired and other Reading Disabled ("TVI") which is presently tabled before the WIPO as a desirable step towards ending the global book famine. The paper also cites some examples of working models of sharing accessible books which are available in countries abroad and to which print impaired persons in developing countries like India have no access.

The paper was submitted to the Ministry of Human Resource and Development in the third week of November so as to ensure that the Ministry is fully appraised of the needs of the print disabled community while it is carrying out the exercise of amending the Act. 

The paper was put up for public comments.

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