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CIS has hired various interns from time to time to assist its team of researchers, practitioners and campaigners for its Bangalore office. These internships usually last for 6-12 weeks or sometimes longer depending upon the requirements of the project.

Rebecca Schild

Rebecca Schild

Rebecca is a student of the University of Toronto. In CIS she worked as a Research Assistant.

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    Glover Wright

    Glover Wright

    Glover worked in the Open Data project at CIS. He was a co-author of the Open Government Data Study and gave a lecture on Data Activism and Grassroots Empowerment in India at the Innovate/Activate Unconference in New York Law School.
    Maesy Angelina

    Maesy Angelina

    Maesy, a Chinese Indonesian, has shared stories, questions, and reflections that emerged along her journey of exploring the questions on youth digital activism with Blank Noise on the CIS website. The blog series is a part of her MA research with the International Institute of Social Studies – Erasmus University of Rotterdam called ‘Beyond the Digital: Understanding Contemporary Forms of Youth Activism’, which is a part of the Hivos-CIS larger ‘Digital Native with a Cause?’ knowledge program. She produced ten blog posts:
    nullMaesy's Chapters(162KB)

    Tom Dane

    Tom worked on e-Governance and Open Access at the CIS for three months in 2011. Previously he studied ethics at the University of Sydney, IT at the Sydney Institute of TAFE and internet governance at the Australian National University. Tom is producing a series of blog posts, podcasts and reports:
    1. Open Access Week ― A Lecture at the National Aerospace Laboratories
    2. Professor Balaram talks Open Access
    3. Interview with the Director of Open J-Gate, N V Sathyanarayana
    4. Interview with Subbiah Arunachalam on Open Access
    5. Report on the 'Open Access to Academic Knowledge' workshop
    Noopur Raval

    Noopur Raval

    Noopur worked with the Research Policy Praxis – Information Ecosystems (IDS project) in CIS. She conducted surveys of policy actors in Bangalore. Noopur is a student of Arts and Aesthetics in Jawaharlal Nehru University besides being a Digital Native. Noopur wrote two blog posts:
    1. RTI and Third Party Information: What Constitutes the Private and Public?
    2. When Data Means Privacy, What Traces Are You Leaving Behind?

    Yelena Gyulkhandanyan

    Yelena is researching de-licensed spectrum policies on a national and international level. She is coordinating in organizing seminars, the first of which Exposing Data: Art Slash Activism will be held on November 28, 2011. Yelena is studying in the International Development Specialist program at the University of Toronto.

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    Natasha Vaz

    Natasha Vaz

    Natasha is a Research and Policy Associate in the Privacy in Asia Project. She is in the process of completing her BA in International Development Studies and a minor in Health Sciences, at the University of Toronto.

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    Merlin Oommen

    Merlin worked with the Privaccy project in CIS. She did BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from Delhi and is pursuing MA in Media Governance from Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi. Before joining CIS, she worked as an intern in UNI and Prabhatam Advertising Pvt. Ltd. Merlin has produced two blog posts:
    1. Cyber Crime & Privacy
    2. CCTV in Universities

    Shilpa Narani

    Shilpa worked with the Privacy project in CIS. She is a graduate in journalism and had worked with a newspaper and news channel in Delhi before joining CIS. She is pursuing her masters in media governance from Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi. Shilpa wrote two blog posts:
    1. UID: Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear?
    2. An Overview of DNA Labs in India

    Sahana Sarkar

    Sahana worked with the Privacy project in CIS. She had filed an RTI application to the UIDAI and had investigated into a spam mail that she received from Shell BP Manchester England. Sahana produced one blog post on her experiments with scam baiting:
    My Experiment with Scam Baiting

    Sanjana Govil

    Sanjana is a fifth year student at the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. Her areas of interests are intellectual property rights, jurisprudence and the law and literature movement. She wrote one blog post:
    Putting a Lid on Royalty Outflows — How the RBI can Help Reduce your IP Costs

    Deepti Bharthur

    Deepti is a research intern at CIS. She has a Bachelors in Journalism from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi and  completed her Masters in Communication from Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication, University of Hyderabad. She worked on accessibility in telecom policy. She produced the following blog posts:
    1. Universal Service — An Instrument for Accessibility
    2. Accessible Mobile Handsets in India: An Overview
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    Jadine Lannon

    Jadine is pursuing two specialist BAs in International Development Studies and Political Science. Her areas of interest include gender identity and sexuality, political engagement as a form of empowerment, and feminist legal studies. She is currently working as a research assistant on CIS’s Pervasive Technologies research project, which looks at access to knowledge in the marketplace through the use of bottom-of-the-pyramid technology.


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    Yogesh Kumar

    Yogesh works as a technical intern. He has done engineering in computers from Laxmi Devi Institute of Technology, Alwar. Yogesh has collected information of books for engineering and medical courses including the cost, publishing date, publisher, edition and ISBN of the books from flipkart.com and amazon.com. The spread sheets were utilized by Pranesh Prakash to support the case on parallel importation. Yogesh also assisted Smitha K. Prasad in doing an analysis of the data for different public libraries in Karnataka.


    Maria Xynou

    Maria is a Policy Associate on the Privacy Project at the CIS. She has previously interned with Privacy International and with the Parliament of Greece. Maria holds a Master of Science in Security Studies from the University College London (UCL).

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    Denisse Albornoz

    Denisse is a fourth year undergraduate International Development student from the University of Toronto. She is Program Associate of the Digital Natives Programme. Her research is part of the Making Change project and looks at strategic uses of technology for political and social change. Her blog series features methods used by activists, civil society and the for profit sector and how they are re-conceptualizing how we understand change and civic action in the digital era.

    Samantha image

    Samantha Cassar

    Samantha is from the University of Toronto, and has been undergoing preliminary policy research for CIS looking at the legal aspects of India's mobile app ecosystem to better enable developers within it. Her research has involved interviews with mobile app developers and other community members, as well as a nation-wide industry survey on legal practices within mobile app development.