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This is the third Access to Knowledge newsletter from the CIS team in Delhi! This issue gives a summary of the first Odia Wikipedia education program, workshops organised in Bhubaneswar and Delhi, a meet-up held in Kolkata, hackathons held in Delhi and Hyderabad, and news and media coverage during the month of November.

Beginning from September 1, 2012, Wikimedia Foundation has awarded CIS a two-year grant of upto INR 26,000,000 to support and develop free knowledge in India. The Wikimedia Foundation’s India Program has become the Access to Knowledge (A2K) program of the Centre for Internet & Society (CIS). In this issue we bring you updates from the Kolkata wiki community, the Odia wiki community, a report of a workshop organized exclusively for women in Mumbai, Wikipedia hackathon organised in Delhi and Hyderabad, and the recent news and media coverage. Wikipedians from various communities can request for outreach programs, technical bugs, logistics-merchandize and media, public relations and communications at http://bit.ly/TOcXId.

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About CIS

CIS was registered as a society in Bangalore in 2008. As an independent, non-profit research organisation, it runs different policy research programmes such as Accessibility, Access to Knowledge, Openness, Internet Governance, and Telecom.

CIS is grateful to its donors, Wikimedia Foundation, Ford Foundation, Privacy International, UK, Hans Foundation and the Kusuma Trust which was founded by Anurag Dikshit and Soma Pujari, philanthropists of Indian origin, for its core funding and support for most of its projects.

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