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A collection of resources that will help one navigate through the arguments and evidence for and against the Indian "Bayh-Dole" bill.


News-related/General Coverage

Relook at public-funded R&D Bill to address red tape (The Financial Express)

CSIR looks at commercializing, leasing out patent (Live Mint)

Exporting Bayh-Dole to India: Whither Transparency Part II

Indian Patent Bill stirs debate among scientists (Science and Development Network)

Letter from the Knowledge Commission  (GoI)

Scientific Culture

Does Patenting research change the Culture of Science? (The Hindu)

Analytical Pieces

Indian Patent Bill: Lets not be too Hasty(Shamnad Basheer)

Not in public interest(Live Mint)

The Indian Public Funded IP Bill: Are we Ready?(K. Satyanarayana)



Technology Transfer

Innovation's Golden Goose (The Economist)

Improving Innovation(The Economist)

Scientific Culture

Patents and America's Universities(The Economist)

When Academia Puts Profits Ahead of Wonder(The New York Times)

Bayhing for blood or Doling out cash?(The Economist)

Evaluative Pieces

University Licensing under Bayh-Dole: What are the Issues and Evidence?(Thursby and Thursby)

Is Bayh-Dole Good for Developing Countries? Lessons from the US Experience(So et al.)

The Law of Unintended Consequences(Fortune Magazine)

The Growth of patenting and licensing by U.S. universities and the Bayh-Dole Act (Mowery et al.)

Overall Assessment of the Bayh-Dole Act (Nelson, Mowery, et al.)


General Resources

 Joint Ventures and Intellectual Property(Andreas Panagopoulos)

Patents vs. Other Knowledge Transfer(Agrawal and Henderson)

Incentives Structure and Licensing Success(Dan Elfenbein)

University Licensing and Research Behavior(Lach and Schankerman)

Open Science and Private Property(Paul David)


IP Alternatives

New Approaches to Filling the Gap in TB Drug Discovery (Casenghi, Cole and Nathan)

The Role of Prizes in Developing Low-Cost Point-of-Care Rapid Diagnostic Tests and Better Drugs for TB(James Love)

How to boost R&D for essential drugs and diagnostics

Scrooge and intellectual property rights (BMJ January 2006)