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Rohini Lakshané participated in this event organised by MHRD Chair on Intellectual Property Rights, Centre for Intellectual Property Rights and Advocacy (CIPRA), National Law School of India University, Bangalore, in association with Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd on March 21 and 22, 2015.

Concept Note

There  is  a  relentless  effort  among  public  and  private  companies  to build   products   that   conform   to   national   and   international   Standards. Among  several  advantages  of  standardization,  seamless  interoperability between   devices   from   several   manufacturers   play   an   important   role.  Standards  play  an  important  role  in  spurring  the  Innovation  culture  of  a country  and  contribute  to  consumer  benefits.  Members  of  the  Standards Setting  Organizations  (SSOs)  may  contribute  their  inventions/technology while forming a Standard.  Needless to say, the members of the SSOs may have chosen to procure patents for their inventions/technology, which are contributed  to  formation  of  Standards.    Further,  one  among  (i.e.,  winning technology)   the   several   available   technologies   may   be   chosen   as   a  Standard  and  the  patents  covering  such  winning  technology  is  generally termed as “Standard Essential Patents” (SEPs).

Generally,  SSOs  have  their  IPR  policies  to  (a)  enable  disclosure  of such  SEPs  to  the  SSOs;  and  (b)  ensure  that  licenses  are  available  to standards implementers to practice such SEPs.  A commonly used model or principle to ensure that licenses are available to standards implementers is generally     referred     to     as     FRAND     (Fair, Reasonable and Non-discriminatory). Even  though  FRAND  is  a  widely  accepted  model  there have been at least some genuine legal issues related to practice of FRAND in the SSOs.  Legal systems, legal fraternity, and the businesses around the world  are  attempting  to  resolve  these  legal  issues  related  to  practice  of FRAND.

Issues related to practice of FRAND are equally important to India as we are moving up the innovation value chain and embarking on a “Make in India” journey.  This Conference is designed to enhance awareness on issues  related  to  practice  of  FRAND  and  probable  solutions  thereof. This Conference   is   aimed   to   bring   together   honourable   members   of   the judiciary,  members  of  the  law  firms,  legal  fraternity,  law  students,  and premier  educational  institutions  to  increase  the  awareness  on  FRAND related issues in SSOs.

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