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CIS-A2K team organized a workshop on unicode, open source and wikimedia projects at Pune on July 25, 2018.

CIS-A2K has started dialogue with the publishers for the last 6 months regarding FOSS, Open knowledge and content donation to Wikimedia Projects. As a result, various publishers and writers associated with social sector have taken initiative to organise workshops. Parisar, NGO working on environmental issues organised this orientation session for 4 activists, 5 publishers and 6 writers.

The following issues were discussed with demonstrations -

  1. Adoption of Unicode and open source softwares
  2. Make available old reference books, out of print books on web using new technology
  3. Strengthening of Marathi Wikipedia, Wikisource, Wiktionary etc.
  4. Social marketing of literary books
  5. Explore the new medium of e books
  6. To establish a company on lines of Amazon for e-selling of marathi books

Read the event details on Wikimedia Blog

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