Centre for Internet & Society

Anubha Sinha delivered a statement on behalf of CIS, on day 2 of the 42nd WIPO SCCR session on the Protection of Broadcasting Organisations Agenda Item.


Thank you, Mr. Chair.

I’m speaking on behalf of the Centre for Internet and Society, India.

Mr. Chair we would like to congratulate you and the vice-chair on your election.

The current draft text of the WIPO Broadcasting Organisations treaty carries a rather weak framework of limitations and exceptions, when we consider the long duration of protection of twenty years that has been proposed.

The limitations and exceptions are not aligned to the ongoing discussions on the L&E agenda, where there is an agreement evolving amongst many member states to revisit and revise limitations and exceptions for purposes of preservation, online and cross-border uses, and research for benefit of education, research, libraries, archives and museums.

The framework does not rise to these standards, and also makes enacting of limitations and exceptions in national law optional.

Seen from this perspective, the draft text of the WIPO Broadcasting Organisations treaty is neither a balanced treaty nor a modern one.

Thank you.


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