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This post provides a factual description about the operation of Ministry of Human Resource Development IPR Chair’s Intellectual Property Education, Research and Public Outreach (IPERPO) scheme in the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences.

The author has analysed all the data received under various heads such as income, grants from MHRD, planned and non-planned expenditure, nature and frequency of programmes organised and the allocation of funds for the same. Throughout the course of observation and presentation of the analysed data, the author seeks to trace the presence of unjustified underutilisation of funds by the aforementioned university as provided by the MHRD during the period of 2013-2014.

To collect the information for the given study, an RTI application was filed to NUJS on 09/02/2015 by the Centre for Internet and Society. The reply to RTI application was received on 24/02/2015.

These are the documents received by CIS from NUJS:

  • For the RTI application filed by the CIS, click here
  • For the reply to the RTI application, click here

NUJS did not entertain the RTI and furnished no documents for perusal.

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