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This post provides a factual description about the operation of Ministry of Human Resource Development IPR Chair’s Intellectual Property Education, Research and Public Outreach (IPERPO) scheme in the National Law School of India University.

Nisha S. Kumar assisted in compilation of this blog post.

The author has analysed all the data received through which, the author seeks to trace the presence of unjustified underutilisation of funds by the aforementioned university as provided by the MHRD during the period of 2013-2014. To collect the information for the given study, an RTI application was filed to NLSIU on 17/11/2014 by the Centre for Internet and Society. The reply to RTI application was received on 18/12/2014.

These are the documents received by CIS from NLSIU:

  • For response to the RTI application click here
  • For documents related to the establishment of NLSIU's IPR cell and IPR chair click here

Hereinafter, in order to receive any information about NLSIU’s RTI reply, kindly refer to the above mentioned links. Following are the queries mentioned in the RTI application along with their replies.

  • Reports on the implementation of the IPERPO scheme of the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the implementation of the MHRD IPR Chair funded under the scheme at NLSIU
    Reply: NLSIU has submitted the documents required under this track. To view all the documents submitted by the University in reply,click here.
  • Documents detailing the release of grants to the MHRD IPR Chairs under the IPERPO Scheme
    Reply: Documents pertaining to the period of 2004-2013 and 2013-14 have been submitted by the University. To view the supporting documents click here and here.
  • Documents relating to receipts of utilisation certificates and audited expenditure statements and matters related to all financial sanctions with regard to funds granted to the MHRD IPR Chair established under the IPERPO scheme at NLSIU.
    Reply: The University has provided utilisation certificate for the period of 2004-2014. To view the supporting documents, click here

Comparative Analysis between University Response and the guidelines of MHRD Scheme Document

The Scheme Document of MHRD (http://copyright.gov.in/Documents/scheme.pdf) is a comprehensive document which consists of guidelines regarding Intellectual Property Education, Research and Public Outreach. It talks about a list of objectives, purposes, conditions and eligibility criteria for a University to ensure in order to implement IPERPO in a truest sense. This document provides the procedural as well as qualifying conditions for an Institute to ensure or fulfil before applying for the MHRD grant. Some of these conditions include maintenance of utilization certificates, audit reports, expenditure statements and event information which would be open to access on demand by MDHR or Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

A. Objectives
In order to fulfil the objectives mentioned in the scheme document, NLSIU undertook following activities:

  1. Introduction of UG and PG level courses on IPR
  2. Introduction of PhD fellowships in the field of IPR.
  3. Conducting multiple workshops over the years to further the training of teachers as well as at a student level
  4. Hosting numerous conclaves on the subject of IPR and their relation to business
  5. Providing short term course on training of teachers in the field of IPR
  6. Held various symposiums, seminars and conferences for the furtherance of IPR
  7. Invited esteemed professors from the field for guest lectures
  8. Established an IPR library in the IPR cell
  9. Website on IPR launched

B. Eligibility
NLSIU is recognized by the University Grants Commission. Therefore, it fulfils the eligibility criteria mentioned in the scheme document.

Financial Analysis 2004-05


The University received a grant of Rs. 5,00,000 out of which it incurred an expense of Rs. 9,33,241.

B. Financial year 2008-09


The University incurred an expense of Rs. 14,90,890 against a grant of Rs. 20,00,000 leaving Rs. 5,09,110 as unspent balance.

C. Financial year 2009-10


The University incurred an expenditure of Rs. 23,53,552.17 against a grant of Rs. 15,00,000 and a carried forward balance of Rs. 5,09,110.

D. Financial year 2010-11


The University did not receive any grant, however, it incurred an expenditure of Rs. 32,88,478.

E. Financial year 2011-12


The University received a grant of Rs. 36,67,080 and incurred an expenditure of Rs. 32,11,663 leaving Rs. 4,55,417 as unspent balance.

F. Financial year 2012-13


The University incurred an expenditure of Rs. 37,87,391 against a grant of Rs. 30,00,000 and a carried forward balance of Rs. 4,55,417.

G. Financial year 2013-14


The University incurred an expendiute of Rs. 45,31,927 against a sanctioned grant of Rs. 45,00,000.

Expenditure Analysis for the Financial Year 2012-13


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