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CIS-A2K conducts Wikipedia in Education programme at St. Aloysius colege, Mangalore. This partnership is unique as it provides to us a pool of editors for three Wikimedia projects, i.e: Kannada, Tulu and Konkani.


Touch point Report:

St. Aloysius

With editors from St. Aloysius college taking lead in organising 13th anniversary of Kannada Wikipedia anniversary, Kannada Wikipedia is growing in Mangalore and can be expected to produce content and engagement regularly similar to Bangalore and Mysore volunteers.


  1. Translation of system messages for Tulu Wikipedia
  2. Creating Tulu WP tutorial videos
  3. Guiding St Aloysius College Student interns
  4. Planning of  13th anniversary of Kannada Wikipedia anniversary

Reporting on the learning: PEG application created after extensive discussion with the student volunteers and Mr. Vishwanth Badikana who is primary coordinator of the event.

New developments: A possible partnership with Karnataka Tulu Academy is being explored, this could lead to content donation.

Failures: Non-availabilty of scanners hampered our chances of securing some important primary resources that would have been useful for content generation.

Primary Contact: Mr. Vishwanath Badikana,

Christ University

Introduction: A2K team is implementing its largest Wikipedia in Education programme at Christ University. This programme has been under operation since 2013 and has seen multiple revisions regarding: faculty engagement, evaluation process, student contributions and A2K team's responsibilties.

Activites: Edit-a-thon on Wikivoyage organised at Department of Tourism Studies, Christ University, Bangalore

Reporting on the learning: 1) As the edit-a-thon was happening on English Wikivoyage and A2K team had not intimated about the event to the larger community, there were instances of accounts being blocked and ip address being blocked as well.

A2K conducted Wikivoyage  edit-a-thon and was surprised to see that many tourist places in India do not find mention on this Wikimedia project.

New developments: Interest shown by the faculty of  Department of Tourism Studies, Christ University to host the student assignments on Wikimedia projects.

Failures: A2K was unable to help students to upload images onto commons.wikimedia.org during the session. A follow up session is being planned.

Primary Contact: Ms. Mugdha Kulkarni, [email protected]

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