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As a part of its content donation initiative, the Centre for Internet & Society's Access to Knowledge team (CIS-A2K) has brought all issues of Nadustunna Charithra magazine under Creative Common Licence.

CIS-A2K has received 74 issues as of now from the Telugu Jaati foundation. These issues shall be published by A2K on a blog site under CC BY SA licence to make it a reliable reference resource and adhere Wikipedia guidelines.

Nadustunna Charithra magazine has dealt extensively with Telugu semantics and Telugu Cultural history and we hope to upload all the issues to Telugu Wikisource. These magazines will also serve as handy reference guides for Telugu Wikipedians and shall act as a major referencing and citation resource.

CIS-A2K has also been successful in acquiring 250 song books (booklets that have the lyrics of songs featured in a film) of Telugu movies for content donation. These song books serve as introduction to the film itself. They contain lyrics of the songs, poster of the movie, details of the cast and crew, a short synopsis both in Telugu and English along with photographs of the lead actors. As of now CIS-A2K has been able to locate song books for most of the films produced between 1930-1954.

These resources shall also help the Telugu community in coming up with new/improved articles related to Telugu cinema. With most of the basic information regarding a film available in the song book, we expect that the Telugu community along with active cooperation from A2K shall create GA quality articles and this content donation will also help in improving stubs that were created earlier.

CIS-A2K is extremely grateful for the support received by the Telugu community during this content donation initiative and would like to thank in person Mr. Bhaskarnaidu, Mr. Gullapalli Nageshwara Rao who have been part of these conversations and helped us identify the resources to be re-licensed.

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